• 5 Things You Must Remember While Packing For Your Trip

    Are you thinking about your trip abroad? You must carefully pack for the journey head. You will not like to head to the Sahara without hat? Up a creek without a boat paddle? Your vacation can then turn into a disaster too. Here are some things for you to keep in mind while you are packing for your trip:

    Make a list you want to take

    You must make a long list of items you want to take with you. You can even consider writing it down or saving it on your phone reminder list. This way you are less likely to forget anything while you are packing too. Keep in mind there is a lot of luggage limitations out there so always make sure that you follow a guide to packing first. Some Burma tours can be hectic so you will not like it when you have skipped out on the sunscreen. See this link http://www.traveltourmyanmar.com/ for more information about Burma tours.

    First aid is important

    You do not have to pack for an ER but you do need a small bag with the necessary medicine you might need. You might suffer from a migraine, a fever or even a stomach ache too. It will easy for you to pick alternative medicine but if you need other pills you will have to visit a doctor and attain a prescription too. It will be easier for you to take some allergy medication and asthma medicine with you too.

    Mini liquids are your best friend

    You must try your best to control the liquids you want to take with you whether it is water or Micellar face cleansing liquid airport security can be tough on you if you do end up taking more than you should. Keep in mind 100 ml bottles of liquid are not allowed and at times and you might have to make sure that you reseal and pack them away in your main luggage too. Make sure you follow airport protocols always!

    Carry some name tags

    You must make it a point to carry some name tags with you. If you don’t label your suitcases you can end up losing them which will only become a problem for you later on. Most suitcases will contain tags but its best that you take one from your airline and fill it out and paste it on your bag too.

    Make space for the items you will buy

    You must make sure that you leave space for the items you might end up purchasing on the Burma tours of your choice. You might end up bringing any souvenirs back with you too so make sure there is space for everything. If you are packing glass bottle wrap in it cloth and place it inside your tennis or jogging shoes too!

    Keep in mind that travelling can be hectic for you and your family so always plan ahead and be prepared!

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