• How To Become A Professional Spa Therapist / Masseuse

    In the 21st century, massage and spa therapy helps millions of people cope with their sore muscles, physical aches, emotional distress, depression as well as fitness and nutrition. People who are looking forward to a career that combines helping people with the opportunity of a high degree of personal interaction may want to consider becoming a spa therapist, also known as masseuse. Spa therapy can be done to your entire body. In ancient days the word spa was used in reference to water therapy. It was also known as Salus Per Aquam in Latin which means health through water.
    Here are few steps you could follow to become a successful spa therapist or a masseuse.
    • Spend some time reading and doing research about the speciality you are interested in. Look online for information about different kinds of spa treatments and massages. Different types of therapies used to different ends. Like some therapies are mainly focusing on healing muscles while some toward easing down the stress and depression. Most importantly make sure to visit nearby massage therapists and get some personal experience.
    • Make sure to research and identify the essential licensing requirements, educational qualifications and certificates you need to hold in order to practice the art. Different states have different requirements and licensing systems.

    • Like every other profession, you need prior training and experience to become a professional in any industry. So find a suitable institute or a school that conducts programmes in spa and wellness training. It is highly advisable to enrol in a training programme that is certified by a nationally-recognized accreditation agency.
    Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation (COMTA) is one such agency that offers you over more than 80 training programmes in spa and wellness training.
    • Decide who you want to be after gaining proper training. Whether to look for employment opportunities or start your own personal practice. • To be a stand out therapist from others, follow an Associate Degree of Occupational Studies (AOS) in massage therapy. They will provide you with additional knowledge and advanced techniques used in medical therapies, energy healing etc.
    • This industry is growing rapidly, so it’s highly important to look for ways to set yourself above other spa therapists. If you were to start your own personal practice place, use social media like Facebook and Twitter to publicise about you and your deals. Have a grand opening event introducing discounts for the first few clients and provide them with excellent service. See this link http://asiaspaacademy.com/asiaspainstitute/interntrainingprogramme.html for more information about spa and wellness scholarship.
    These are the basic steps you could follow to achieve your goal of becoming a successful spa therapist or a masseuse.

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