• How To Organize An Office Day Out

    Out of all the corporate events such as the sports day, Christmas nights, annual awards night etc, and office day out is one of the most fun corporate events. You get to chill out with your co workers and family in a more relaxed environment. If you get to organize this year’s day out, here some ways to make it more memorable and fun.
    Take a vote
    Before selecting the venue, it is better to take vote from people, whether they want to go to the beach or to a ground or even to a nice hotel with a pool and a garden. It is important to make sure you give options within the budget. Make sure to let the colleagues know that the place with the highest vote will get chosen and no favors should be considered.
    Make uniforms
    This sounds a bit boring, but it is actually fun and easier to locate and identify your group. Make sure you get a Polo shirt printing company to print your office log in to the t shirts. Ladies can have a pink colour and men can have blue. This is actually very professional way of having a day out as well. And it creates some discipline.
    Make the budget
    It is very important to make the budget for the trip. Put all the anticipated expenses for the transport, food and beverages, top shirt printing, any gift items etc. Get prior approval for the budget from the accounts department and then make the reservations and ordering food and drinks.

    Plan some games and activities
    Next is to plan some games and activities for the office people and their kids. Pop the balloon, keep the lime on the spoon and run, tug of war and you can even create your own games for a change. Make sure if possible you arrange babysitting. It will be nice for the parents to have some fun without having to run after the kids the whole day.
    Get a life guard
    If you are planning to go to the beach, make sure you let the hotel or the resort arrange a life guard to be present at all times, especially because there are children and the ocean and them are not a good combination.
    This is very important. You need to arrange coaches to and from the location to your office or if possible to drop off the staff at the nearest place to their homes. It is a safer way and it is convenient for the staff as well. Check this link http://bfprints.com/product-category/apparel/ for more information about apparel printing Singapore.

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