• How To Plan An Advertising Campaign

    Many of you have seen advertising campaigns for many products, whether on TV, social media or simply print media, planning an advertising campaign is a huge responsibility and a huge task. Here are few tips on how to plan an advertisement campaign.


    When your are given a project to create an advertising campaign for a product, first do a market research on what people are anticipating about the product. Conduct research on places where the people are most likely to see the advertisement. if you are planning on advertising on bill boards and stations, get outdoor advertising rates to compare and see whether it is feasible and worth it. Make sure you have a clear idea of the demographics and the target audience of the product.

    Appropriate design

    When you are creating the advertisement next stage is to make the appropriate design. Consider the culture and the target audience and where you advertise the product. For example if it is for a alcohol product, it wouldn’t be very appropriate to feature a family enjoying it. It would kill the product reputation and make it look like it is giving the worn idea. So the way you convince the idea of the product is important.


    When doing a advertising campaign budget planning is an important task. The major costs fall in when renting advertising space and for printing the advertisements. Get outdoor advertising rates and print media rates and digital media rates to decide which method to use. And which method would be more cost worthy. Prepare an appropriate budget and make sure you stick to it.


    When creating captions for the advertisement, make sure the wordings you select will not offend anyone. World has become a difficult place to illustrate humor, so avoid racial humor and any kind of humor that will offend people. Many advertising campaigns have failed majorly due to the usage of wrong captions. If the advertisements are going to be displayed in a public place, make sure no filth is used even as a joke. Stereotypical captions and jokes can easily backfire and ruin the brand.


    Depending on the target audience your venue of advertisement should be decided. For example if you are promoting a kids cereal, there is no point advertising it near a gym. Of course one can make the point that parents will see, but figure out where most parents will hang out, if you can select a venue like a school it would get the maximum exposure to the advertisement. And the target audience would see it constantly and it would make them want to buy the product at some point. See this link http://www.moovemedia.com.sg/pasture/taxi/ for more information about taxi advertising space in Singapore.

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