• The Difference Between Snail Mail And Couriers

    There are many ways to send things in the present day. Technology has evolved to a point that we can send most details and information over the internet. However, we still haven’t perfected teleportation, which means that when we need to deliver packages or original copies of documents, there are only a few options we can consider to make sure the items get where they need to go. The two most common among these are traditional snail mail and couriers or delivery services.

    So does the post office run by the state match up to the good carrier service out there? Are they different in any way? If so, what are the risks of each? It is time to break down the differences between the regular postal service that has been around since the dawn of the written word (and probably before that) and the courier services that are so very popular in the modern day. It is, of course, up to you to judge which is better.

    Pick ups

    Snail mail means that you have to pack the parcel up properly and take it down to your local post office. After this, there is usually a line at the package counter. You have to have the package weighed and measured. You also have to give a statement as to what is inside the package. A lot of time is wasted in this process. The worst and the best courier service providers out there all reduce this time by picking the package up from your home or office without you having to do a thing.


    Normal snail mail means that you are going to be spending a tidy sum of money to send a parcel, based on the size and weight. However, this pales in comparison to how much it costs to send a package using a courier. While there is a huge difference in the costs, the snail mail costs have been gradually increasing as well. Perhaps the two will even out in the future.

    Delivery types

    Courier services definitely win this one. Anyone who has sent a parcel via normal post knows the struggle. When you send a package, the post office gives you an ETA for the parcel. Most of the time, the package arrives a few days after this date. This is usually a given. A courier service on the other hand delivers when promised.

    So to wrap up, you should definitely use snail mail to send normal letters. For packages, a courier service might be the better option. See this link http://www.ixtrans.com/courier-services for more information about parcel delivery Singapore.

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