• The Main Two Types Of Plastic

    Plastic is made from different forms of elements before it becomes the final product. Plastic is made available because of all the classified compounds and properties. Plastic is the final material produced from an end result of mixture and combination of chemical and engineering. Today scientists and engineers are able to create new plastic material products more easily with the advancement of technology.

    Plastics products and goods are used in our daily life quite a lot. It has become an essential part in our daily activities. Plastic has made people life great with comfort and ease. Plastics are used in many places from major multinational corporations to consumers home. Plastics containers are used to protect and cover food, phones, protect homes, improve gas mileage of cars and other vehicles, keep consumers dry and away from the rain, holding of beauty products, display products and many more other things.

    Today there are many different and various types plastic materials available in the market. These plastics can be separated in to different types of categories. Each plastic has its own type of characteristics and composition. However nearly all plastics are divided into two main types of plastics. These two types are known as the thermoplastics and thermosets.

    Thermoplastics are plastics that are made softer by heat and then molded. These plastics can be re-melted and significantly brought back to their original and unique form. Usually thermoplastics are first produced in a separate process to create pellets in small size. These small pellets are then heated and made to form all kinds of industrial and consumer products. Some of the plastic materials that are found under thermoplastic category are acrylic, polyethylene, polystyrene, polypropylene, PVC, polyvinyl chloride, nylon, polycarbonate and many more.

    Some plastics that fall under thermoplastics can be subdivided again and use for many other different purposes such as the best acrylic.

    Thermosets is the second main type of plastic. The thermosets plastics are formed and made by the process of heat and once this is produced or set, it cannot be reheated to change shapes or sizes. Usually thermosets plastic products are produced and formed at the same time because it cannot later be returned to its original form. Some of the thermoset plastics people use in their day to day life are Bakelite. This type of plastic is used as the black saucepan handles and kettles. Another type of plastic material found under thermoset is melamine which is used as countertops in kitchen. The other type of plastic materials found under thermosets are polyester, epoxy resins, silicone, epoxies, vulcanized synthetic rubber, polyurethanes, etc.

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