• What Makes Your Resume Considerable?

    Prepare the right resume
    Your resume paints your picture even before anyone sees you at the job interview. It is your first interface to a company. So, make a note of the fact that 75% of the resumes move to the bin from the hands of a HR at a first glance. Another fact is that the average number of applicants to a single position in an MNC in India is staggering 2000. Needless to say, your resume better stand out. Most resume sample in Singapore are prepared in run-of-the-mill formats- borrowed from friends, who would have borrowed it from some other sources. Ask yourself a question: What is that you want your resume to convey?
    – Your career objective
    – Your academic qualifications
    – Your work experience
    – Your personal details
    Is that all? Why should anyone hire you?
    The answers of how to write resume the employability factor that you should be able to project. Your resume will not be standing out if it is merely informative of your long list of details. It should project your personality, your attitude, and the value that you would add to the company.
    How do you prepare the right resume?
    Make your resume appealing to the eye. Do not just dump the data. “Presentation” – that’s the key! There are two types:
    1. Fresher’s resume
    2. Experienced resume
    Though both the above types of resumes can be divided in two similar sections, the information furnished should be relevant to your respective background. A fresher’s resume should reflect in the career objective section, a reasonable aspiration as to where you would want to see yourself in the next 2-3 years, followed by your academic qualifications, academic projects, achievements, merits. Use a table to describe your academics, which would showcase the details in a pretty organized way. While the experienced resume could reflect the work experience along with the academic qualifications, state them in a descending order, placing the current position and work details on the top. In either case, make sure that the resume is limited to a maximum of two pages. Do not overcrowd the resume. Make your statement in a simple and straight forward fashion. Remember, you are not writing a poem describing the weather or a beautiful woman. Do not make tall claims. Leave a hint on the resume, a teaser, and let the HR dig deep into it asking more questions, so you can smoothly surf through the interview process, explaining the details which you confidently know of.
    Some advice
    Add that personal touch. Make the recruiter feel that they are looking at a complete you and not that straight faced jack who’s saying “Hey! This is what I can do. What are you going to pay me?” Build a rapport with your resume. Be reasonable with your objectives, believable about your achievements and beautiful in your presentation.

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