• Sowing The Seed On Virgin Grounds

    Starting fresh could be adventurous, thrilling and full of expectations. Yet it also carries uncertainties, risks and threats. These are realities in whatever field, be it business, education, and agricultural projects etc. which all need a strong, groomed seedbed to work on. For the experienced, launching anything new will not entail the negative factors mentioned above as they have the conventional wit, ‘once bitten-twice shy’. Pragmatism guides them and helps to be cautious. However, children are exposed to a totally strange unacquainted world around from their inception or natal stage. Innocent, nascent, curious, unpretentious they will be. But the older ones who nurture them generously share their tastes in life imparting essential wisdom for their growth. In the process, not-so-pleasant consequences when doing certain things or acting in particular manner is also taught, lest the kids skid the way the grownups did at some time in life.

    Prior to entering a regulated scholastic education these virgin minds enter a nursery preschool which will train and instruct. It will mould them to fit into the accepted norms and procedures for continuous education. It will be holistic , in that the child, usually between 3 – 5 years, learns the rudiments of social life as there are other children from different social backgrounds, language and belief systems. The kids soon discover the larger world of people other than their own homes, siblings and parents. This would be a great advantage for their future where interaction with others paves the way and lays the ground for productive activities.

    Knowledge is not a collection of words and information alone. It is comprehension of life and phenomena and internalising what is learned for self-application. It builds the personality from a naive understanding or raw instincts, from a shapeless aspiration to concrete thinking. Hence, globally, educating tiny tots are undertaken by professionally qualified teachers who have the skill and the heart to handle the little virgin minds. They sow the seeds of virtue, wisdom and culture to name a few of their incumbent responsibilities. Once sown, seeds have to germinate being pampered by proper nutrients. Teachers of these institutions are therefore act as good gardeners who tend the young plants.

    In an ideal nursery pre school, one could see the atmosphere of cheerful participation reflected by noisy but pleasant lively bunch of little ones. Here and there, there will be sobs and wailing but usually that is as they start. Once got used to, the shy and the timid adapt smartly much to the amazement of the adults especially, parents. Weaning form the toddler phase and inducting into the next growth level i.e. post infancy is the name of the game. Many a child would cherish these nascent experiences of education for a long time in life and even the bonding with peers and teachers. The future of a precious child depends on the seeds sown in a fertile ground of initial learning.

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