• New Business – Own Yourself A Money Tree

    People study, start doing jobs, they take up second jobs, save for investments and with each plan they make, they intend to grow a bit on their money inflow or money saved. Who doesn’t like to own a money tree? We all would love to have one probably in our back yard to be used whenever we need cash in hand but the money tree I’m going to tell you about doesn’t have to be in anyone’s back yard as it is a low cost business plan. Entrepreneurs must know to start with a little and grow a lot more out of it.
    They could simply go ahead with any business idea. Such as food outlets, fabric shops, software companies, pet stores, floral shops or any plan that doesn’t involve a massive initial cost. People doing small businesses often try to use their family members to support them in the beginning, get professional support from a renovation company to modify an old office space for business operations or even purchase material in smaller quantities to avoid wastage or excess, if any. There are 3 main tips that any business person can follow in growing their own money tree.
    1) Acquire Funds
    If you are an undergraduate who intend to start up a small business, then probably it’s best if you choose to work part time and keep a source of income where the money will be saved for future business start-up purpose. Or else, they could use any personal savings, obtain money through friends and family which is not highly recommended as things can go haywire when family deals come into money deals but apart to that, the ideal would be obtain a micro loan from a bank by providing the proper business idea and the expected return on investments.

    2) Office Space
    Initially if you already own a place, you can use it but if it is not in the best condition, then you can spill some money into hiring a renovation company to tidy up the place but plans on buying a place or business room will not be that cost effective. Thus; the best choice would be to rent out a small cabin, incubator as a temporary office space in keeping the overheads pretty low.
    3) Marketing
    Planning on creative strategies in advertising and promoting the products or services offered by them at the least cost instead of going on mass costly marketing will be financially healthy. There are so many online marketing campaigns through social media platforms as well as through bloggers that can be used in establishing the business presence.
    These are not the only low cost ideas that entrepreneurs can use but these are definitely the main 3 areas that most can go wrong in the beginning. A tree is something that holds the earth through its root, grow and become strong not only making the tree fruitful but it also gives shelter and fresh air to others. That’s what entrepreneurs do as well; they grow money trees that benefit not only them but all those who work under them. If you want to bring in change and add some colour to the industry, come along and own yourself a money tree!

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